why your website needs to be fast

Did you know that for every second that it takes for your page to load you are less likely to keep that visitor on your website? There is nothing more frustrating than a slow website.

Page speed is directly impacted by page size and how long it takes for the information to download onto the user’s device. By optimising images, compressing files, using a content delivery network and leveraging browser and server side caching, we will minimise the load on both the users device and the server distributing the content. This makes for a lightning fast experience that keeps both users and Google happy.

why we're better than the competitors

Tailor made websites from Topsite help your business stand out in a sea of competitors, no matter the industry.

Local support means you’re never alone on your pursuit to success in a fast-past and demanding digital space.

Lightning fast load times consistently deliver higher conversion rates and provide a better user experience.

Like art, a website is never finished – only abandoned. Topsite can grow your website, even post-project.

46% of visitors are browsing from mobile devices. Get a responsive design which caters to all users.

Purpose made designs set your project up for measurable success from the start.

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